Marvin Gaye - Distant Lover (Live (1974 Oakland-Alameda Coliseum))

Marvin Gaye - Distant Lover (Live, 1974)

Recorded live at Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum, Oakland, California. LP: Marvin Gaye – Marvin Gaye Live!

MARVIN GAYE (Distant Lover) Live At Oakland Coliseum, CA/1974

Here's Marvin Gaye With (Distant Lover). Live at Oakland Coliseum, ca/1974.

Marvin Gaye - "Jan" - LIVE at Oakland Coliseum 1974

"Jan" was the regular closing song selection from Marvin Gaye's LET'S GET IT ON Tour. It is reported that the hit song "If I Should Die Tonight" from the 1973 Album (Let's Get It On) was also...

Marvin Gaye - LIVE Distant Lover 1976

Marvin Gaye LIVE Distant Lover In Paris 1976.

Marvin Gaye