Marvin Gaye - I Bet You Wonder (Original Version Of `Rockin` After Midnight`)

I Bet You Wonder (Original Version of "Rockin' After Midnight") - Marvin Gaye

The horns and guitar in this song....OMG!!! From the 2 disc set "Midnight Love & the Sexual Healing Sessions". This set is AWESOME!!

Marvin Gaye - Rockin' after midnight

From the album "Midnight love" (1982)

MARVIN GAYE. "Rockin' After Midnight". 1982 album version "Midnight Love".

MARVIN GAYE."Rockin' After Midnight". 1982. album version "Midnight Love (& The Sexual Healing Sessions). (Super Bit Mapping master recording). Columbia ...

Marvin Gaye - Rockin After Midnight (AntoTheLich Edit)

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