Nat King Cole - Lush Life (Produced By Cee-Lo Green)

Nat King Cole - Lush Life (Produced By Cee-lo)

Remix for Lush Life on the new Nat King Cole album "RE:GENERATIONS" produced by Nat's daughter. Great job with this tune! PS: Thank you Serban for this ...

Lush Life produced by Cee-lo Green for RE:GENERATIONS

Check out this amazing music video that uses contemporary art and flavor from the Nat King Cole RE:GENERATIONS CD release.

Nat King Cole "Lush Life" [Remixed by Cee-Lo Green]

Not an official video--for educational and entertainment purposes only. Uploaded on February 15, 2013 in memory of Nat King Cole. This video is also a ...

Lush Life produced by Cee-lo on Nat King Cole RE:GENERATIONS

Cee-lo Green talks about his experience producing the legendary Nat King Cole to re-imagine the hit "Lush Life"

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