Mando Diao - Sweet Jesus

Mando Diao - Sweet Jesus

Mando Diao - Sweet Jesus.

Mando Diao - 08 Sweet Jesus (Hurricane Festival 2006)

D Yerkin.

Mando Diao - Sweet Jesus

Bjrön singing Sweet Jesus a capella, rest of the Band doing backround foices.

Mando Diao - Sweet Jesus (with lyrics and german)

I really love this song. But for what reason? All I wanna say is because of BJÖRN! His voice makes me feel so warm^^

Mando diao Acapella-Sweet Jesus

How can this song be a b-side?? Oh please Jesus won't you give me a sunnier day? Cause I'm lost and there's no one around I lost my baby in the springtime Now she's gone with the wind And...

Mando Diao