Moments In Grace - Monologue

And yet you question all that we've said,
We gave it all to chance,
But it's not enough,
Uncertainty moves right through you.
Spare me the monologue,
I know you've hurt more than this,
Maybe this moment is wrong,
But I won't be left here deciding,
Spare me the monologue.
Your eyes give away the truths,
You say aren't truths at all,
We're fading out this ghost light falls,
It falls on me,
But I am still waiting for you.
But I won't be left here deciding,
Spare me the monologue.
I sleep alone for now,
Should I blame myself?
The ghost light falls it falls on me,
But I'm still waiting for you.
Moments in Grace - Moonlight Survived (Full Album)

I've decided that this needs to be on YouTube. I can't find it anywhere. So here it is. Stratus 00:00 The Patient 04:13 Broken Promises 07:22 My Dying Day 10:38 ...

Moments In Grace - Monologue

"Monologue" performed by Moments In Grace. Released August 18, 2004 under Atlantic Records. Just a song I've had stuck in my head the past few days after ...

Moments In Grace - Monologue Lyrics

Moments In Grace - Monologue Lyrics.

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Moments in Grace

My Stunning Bride.

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