Bob Dylan - Fathers Of Night

Bob Dylan Father of Night

Bob Dylan Father of Night New Morning copyright 1970.

Father of Night - Bob Dylan Cover

This song is for my dad.

Dylan "father of night", sicilian version

Bob Dylan's "father of night", a sicilian version. Patri d''a notti, patri d'' juornu Patri ca scuri, patri c'agghiuorni Patri chi 'nzigni i 'ciddruzzi a vulari Fai l'arcu irisi . This is...

Manfred Mann's Earth Band - Father Of Day, Father Of Night (1973)

Artist : Manfred Mann's Earth Band (Formed in 1971~, U.K) Artrock/Progressive Leader : Manfred Mann (1940~, Union Of South Africa) Album : Solar Fire (1973) Lyrics : Father of night, Father...

Bob Dylan - Father Of Night - Lyrics

This is a special version/performance of this song: the lyrics are being read by a computer voice. This might be a help for people who can't understand the lyrics when they are being sung in...

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