Bob Dylan - Black Cross

Bob Dylan - Black Cross (Cruz Negra) {La historia de Hezekiah Jones} - Español

Bob Dylan - Black Cross (Hezekiah Jones) Una tétrica historia que involucra prejuicios raciales y "libertad" de pensamiento.

Bob Dylan - Black Cross

Black Cross by Bob Dylan from the album 100 Essential Recordings Released 2014-01-03 on AudioSonic Music Download on iTunes: ...

Hezekiah Jones by Bob Dylan

Originally by Lord Buckley. Dylan put it to a melody. Taken from Show 4 on The original poem this song is based on was called Black Cross.

Black Cross by Lord Buckley

Also known as Hezekiah Jones this is the source material of the Dylan song of that name. Taken from show 61 on For more great Lord Buckley ...

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