Thin Lizzy - This Is The One (Demo)

Thin Lizzy - The Sun Goes Down (experimental demo take - one of many)

This version of "The Sun Goes Down" is taken from a disc of 16 demo takes of the song where Lynott and Sykes were experimenting with different elements in ...

Thin Lizzy - Chosen One (Holy War Demo)

An early version of Holy War from the sessions for T&L. Major differences in the lyric and Sykes hasn't laid down the kickass solo yet. Enjoy!

Thin Lizzy - Occupation (This Is the One Demo)

An audio of Phil Lynott working on a track called "Occupation", which models some of the same phrases that would appear on "This Is the One", from Thunder ...

Thin Lizzy - This Is the One (1982 Demo Version)

Demo of "This Is the One", from the Thunder & Lightning Sessions in late 1982/early 1983. A few minor differences here, but still a great song. Enjoy!

Thin Lizzy - Heart Attack (1982 Demo)

Edit: 7/4/2009 - I won a copyright dispute against WMG for this video. They claimed the song infringed copyright and must have assumed it was the studio ...

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