The Jackson 5 - Goin` Back To Indiana

i'm goin' back to indiana
back to wear i started from
goin' back to indiana
indiana here i come!

i spent me weeks in greener pastures
i still lay down when i'm with laughter
i've got the blues that is what i sing
i just wanne do my thing yah!

i'm goin' back to indiana
indiana here i come yeah
i'm goin' back to indiana
that is where my baby's from yeah!
ok tito, you got it! (yelling)

huh give me some five
one more cheer for roosevelt high
gotta make jackson on.......
what tito....supposed to lose
every soul that passes by
this songs to you from the jackson 5
i'm comin' home this plain to see
i still got indiana goin' with me!

oh yeah, oh yeah alright!
Goin' Back to Indiana - Jackson 5

Motown Records, a Division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

Jackson 5 - Going Back To Indiana Show 1971 [1/4]

This is the "Going Back To Indiana Show" (1971), presented by Bill Cosby. This is an humoristic show, with a lot of Jackson 5 songs live.


Michael was born to Indiana state Gary, and joined member of Jackson 5 as a lead vocal in 1963 when age of 5. I made this video from the image of 12 years ...

Jackson 5 - goin back to indiana with lyrics

song by the jackson 5. I do not own the song rip mj.