Ben Folds Five - Evaporated

Ben Folds - Evaporated (Cold live at the chapel)

From the Channel 10 TV broadcast. I only caught the end of the show originally, but later got the whole thing from a borrowed tape, so this is from a 2nd ...

"Evaporated"-Ben Folds Five Music Video.

This is a variety of clips that flow with Ben Folds' "Evaporated" - Back when I first got Adobe I wanted to test out my editing skills. Threw together a little montage.

Ben Folds Five - Evaporated (Unreleased Version)

Track 6 on the 3rd CD of the Ben Folds 'Best Imitation of Myself' Box set. This version was recorded in 1992 for the Ben Folds Five Album but was never released ...

Danny McHugh singing "Evaporated" by Ben Folds Five

Danny McHugh singing "Evaporated" by Ben Folds Five on piano.

Ben Folds Five