John Lennon, Yoko Ono - Angela

Angela, they put you in
Angela, they shot down
your man
Angela, you`re one of the
millions of political
prisioners in the world
Sister, there's wind that
never dies
Sister, we're breathing
Sister, our loves and hopes
forever keep
on moving oh so slowly
in the world
Angela, can you hear the
earth is turning
Angela, the world
watches you
Angela, you soon will be
returning to your sisters and
brothers of the world
Sister, you're still a people
Sister, your word reaches far
Sister, there's a million
different races but we all
share the same future
in the world
They gave you sunshine
They gave you sea
They gave you everything but
the jailhouse key
They gave you coffee
They gave you tea
They gave you everything
but equality
"Angela" Davis, by John & Yoko/ Plastic Ono Band

Everyone should read Angela Davis' story. Hope you enjoy this small homemade token to her. She is a true "people" teacher. Love. Lyrics..."Angela" Album: ...

John Lennon & Yoko Ono- Angela

Great track from the classic and essential album, "Some Time In New York City".

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John Lennon - Angela

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