Marvin Gaye - Wyatt Earp (Original Mix)

Retrolectro Swingtoon CXXII (Swing and hit with super Bebo Best, you sinners!)

A true sinners' mix for you now on the basis of Bebo Best's "The Swing And The Hit". It is suitable for nostalgic films from Jazz bands on festivals & in studios and for "Swing You Sinners",...

Lee Diamond-If I Don't Love You...

Song written and performed by Lee Diamond. Video shot in San Mateo, Central Park, 1989-Directed by G.J. Panepinto, featuring Kristen Hennig.

EMG Mk Xb plays Motown Part 1. The platters' 'Only you'

Again, neither RIAA curve nor CD works for gramophones when a full-range driver is applied. Use 78rpm curve.

Marvin Gaye