Nat King Cole - Walkin` My Baby Back Home

Nat King Cole - Walking My Baby Back Home

Off The Greatest Hits Album. Make sure to download this track on itunes or Amazon!!!

Walkin' My Baby Back Home by Nat King Cole W/ Lyrics

From the CD Nat King Cole's 36 All-Time Greatest Hits Talcum: A fine, often perfumed powder made from purified talc for use on the skin. Lyrics: Gee, its great ...

Nat King Cole -Walkin' My Baby Back Home

Album: The Unforgettalble Nat King Cole Collector's Edition.

Nat King Cole - Walkin' my Baby Back Home

Gee, it's great after bein' out late Walkin' my baby back home Arm in arm over meadow and farm Walkin' my baby back home We go 'long harmonizing a song ...

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