Slade - The End

Teen Titans season 4 the end, Robin and Slade team up to fight Trigon

Slad is helping robin to find raven, after they are looking for her, they getting attacked by Trigon army. Robin and Slad teaming up and beat the living the hell of Trigon army. It a shame...

Teen Titans (The End of Trigon)

Spoilers!!! Trigons defeat in Teen Titans, Abridged, Enjoy!! Also has the last saying from Slade I forgot to include in my other video. -No Copyright Intended- -Disclaimer- Please Support...

10 Awesome Slade Scenes in Teen Titans (Part 1)

My top 10 Slade scenes in my favorite animated show. With the addition of three honorable mentions at the end. Slade is by far my favorite villain and is the main reason I loved this show so...

Slade - Happy End

Drama EP.

Teen Titans - The Prophecy - Fighting Slade

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