Judy Garland, Cast - The Jitterbug (From `The Wizard of Oz`)

Judy Garland - The Jitterbug [outtake] (The Wizard Of Oz, 1939)

DO NOT OWN ALL RIGHTS BELONG TO MGM. This was orignaly going to be sung in the scene when their going to get the witches broom.With Buddy Ebsen as ...

The Wizard of oz- The jitterbug ( DELETED SCENE)

this is the deleted song the jitterbug The Wizard of Oz. with Judy Garland, ray Bolger, Jack haley bert lahr and Margaret Hamilton. this song was cut out right ...

The Jitterbug - Judy Garland

One of the all time greatest and most loved films must be The Wizard of Oz from 1939. In the film Judy Garland sang Over the Rainbow, which became not only ...

Wizard Of Oz The Jitterbug

Photos of the Wizard of oz, along to the deleted song, which wasn't shown in the movie, The Jitterbug.

Judy Garland, Cast