Fukuyama Masaharu - Ano Natsu Mo Sora Mo Umi Mo

Ano Natsu mo Umi mo Sora mo

A great song and a great singer.

Fukuyama Masaharu 福山雅治 - あの夏も 海も 空も (2007) live

The Curious Case of Fukuyama Masaharu Part 3: 2007 WE'RE BROS. TOUR 38 years old. あの夏も 海も 空も (Ano Natsu mo Umi mo Sora mo) from 16th single ...

Fukuyama Masaharu - That Summer, Sea and Sky あの夏も 海も 空も (Eng Sub Lyrics)

Copyrights belong to respective owners. From a new non-Japanese and English speaking fan who enjoyed this song immensely. Hope the Eng Sub helps.