Silverstein - One Last Dance (Acoustic)

I shot this glance to you
In a minute I'll be gone
But not because I didn't want to
No one wants to dance
So I'm standing on my feet
Nobody takes the chance
To break the law to start the beat
So I'm sitting this one out
I'm planning on my own
I'm staying put for now
But not forever
I'll save this dance for you
In the morning I'll be gone
But not because I didn't want to
I tried so hard to stay, stay in love with you and me
I'm moving on because I have to
You say it's too late, I was wrong, you can't wait
I'll try now, if you stay, stay with me
I'll still fight for what's right
I still dream every night
I still want to believe
You're saving one last dance for me
Silverstein - One Last Dance Acoustic (Guitar & Vocal Cover)

Hola a todos de nuevo, este es un Cover (obvio ¿no?) de One Last Dance en su versión acústica, no dura mucho... Pero aún así se disfruta tanto al escucharla ...

One Last Dance - Silverstein Acoustic (COVER)

Another cover, it came out meh. I dont own the rights to the song or anything,

One Last Dance (Acoustic) - Silverstein cover

I do not own the rights to this song. All rights belong to their rightful owners*

Cover of One Last Dance by Silverstein

Our acoustic One Last Dance by Silverstein.