The Meters - Be My Lady

wouldf you be my lady for the life time
with this is a song i want to fill the air
givin you all my understanding
sweet tender loving care

be my lady
drive me crazy
be my sweetness, my complitness
be my lover there is no other

you are the song of loving me
sugar sweet is in your smile
countin you in all my blessings
holding you stright for just a while

Meters - "Be My Lady"

Check the Meters out. You can remember them by "Cissy Strut", "Cardova" and many more...

The Meters - Be My Lady

The Meters - Be My Lady, 3rd track from the album New Directions(1977) ...

The Meters - Be My Lady

Off The Funkify Your Life Album. Make sure to download this track on itunes or Amazon!!!

Funky Meters- Be My Lady (Brooklyn Bowl- Wed 2 16 11)

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