Bob Dylan - Can`t Wait (Live Version)

Bob Dylan - Can't Wait - Milan - 2011 - Sound Upgrade

Bob Dylan - Can't Wait - Alcatraz Club - Milan - 22-06-2011 - Sound Upgrade Video originally uploaded by rodepark08 Sound upgrade sourced from Crystal Cat Video edited by theguiltyundertaker.

Bob Dylan a Performance so Funkin' Fantastic Even the Towel stares in disbelief!!!

unbelievably funky performance from Bob 1998 i think usa hell who knows ...who's flaming brilliant.... "I Can't Wait" Wait for you to change your mind It's late I'm tryin' to walk...

Can't Wait - Alcatraz 2011

Probably the greatest performance by Dylan in 2011. Small club show in Milan and he was up for it from the start. Be nice if someone could dub the crystal cat sound on top of this so it can...

Can't wait

CAN'T WAIT words and music Bob Dylan I can't wait, wait for you to change your mind It's late; I'm trying to walk the line Well it's way past midnight and there are people all around...

Bob Dylan