Silverstein - One Last Dance

I shot this glance to you
In a minute I`ll be gone
But not because I didn`t want to
No one wants to dance
So I`m standing on my feet
Nobody takes the chance
To break the law to start the beat
So I`m sitting this one out
I`m planning on my own
I`m staying put for now
But not forever
I`ll save this dance for you
In the morning I`ll be gone
But not because I didn`t want to
I tried so hard to stay stay
in love with you and me
I`m moving on because I have to
You say it`s too late
I was wrong you can`t wait
I`ll try now if you stay stay with me
I`ll still fight for what`s right
I still dream every night
I still want to believe
You`re saving one last dance for me
Silverstein LIVE @ Amsterdam - One Last Dance

Amsterdam (Melkweg) april 22 2012.

Silverstein - One Last Dance Live

Silverstein + We Are The Ocean @ Land Of Live 13/04/12 Silverstein - One Last Dance.

Silverstein - One Last Dance + Brookfield + Le Maseillaise (live in Bochum 2012)

Silverstein performing "One Last Dance, Brookfield and Le Maseillaise" (short songs) live at Zeche in Bochum on 04/21/2012.

One Last Dance - Silverstein (cover)

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