The Wilkinsons - Jimmy`s Got A Girlfriend

He's all dressed up

Buying flowers for the first time

His pick-up's polished

Shining like a new dime

There ain't no doubt he's gotta secret

Ain't no way he's gonna keep it

Listen how the whole town's talking

There all saying


Jimmy's got a girlfriend

We all know where he's been

(He's been) Hugging and a kissing

Oh Jimmy's got a girlfriend

He's all tore up

>From her lovin' and affection

And a boy's night out

These days is just out of the question

They say he's out there and they don't get it

But that's just love and that boy's in it

Cupid' arrow done been shot

He didn't duck now



Starry eyed

No if's or maybe's

That boy's gone girl crazy

Girl crazy, crazy

They say he's out thter and they don't get it

Jimmy's got a girlfriend

Hey that's love, oh sweet love

Jimmy's got a girlfriend

He's got the girl, he's got the girl

Jimmy's got a girlfriend

The Wilkinsons