The Jackson 5 - If I Have To Move A Mountain (Feat. Michael Jackson)

If I Have To Move A Mountain - Jackson 5

Beautiful love song by The Jackson 5, featuring lead singer Michael Jackson; It's off their "Lookin' Through The Windows" LP 1972 on Motown Records. (Video ...

If I Have to Move a Mountain - Jackson 5 / Michael Jackson (Cover by DrQuizzler)

This is another great Jackson 5 B Side, a sweet song built on a simple plea for love and trust. To this day, I marvel at the talents not only within the group, but ...

If I Have To Move a Mountain (J5 Hip-Hop cover)

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Michael Jackson - The Way You Make Me Feel (Official Video)

"The Way You Make Me Feel" short film was designed to show off a more flirtatious and romantic yet still edgy side of Michael Jackson. The Joe Pytka-directed ...

The Jackson 5